Oil leaks found hours before maiden flight of J-10 fighter

J-10 fighters

It was reported by CANNEWS recently that about a dozen hours before the maiden flight of J-10 fighter jet, oil leaks were found.

Young machinist Zhang Fenggui suddenly found three drops of oil when J-10 fighter’s engine was running for test. Zhang was confused that only there were only three drops, instead of constant oil dropping.

Zhang reported the problem to the headquarters, which organized verification. The oil leaks suspended the scheduled flight of J-10 fighter, but Zhang Fenggui and others secured safe flight of J-10 fighter jet with their carefulness; otherwise, the consequences would be unthinkable.

In face of complicated engine pipelines of J-10 fighter, it was uneasy to find the leak points. The group looked for the points for one day but nothing. Later, someone suggest using talcum powders onto the leaking zone, and therefore, the leaking points were confirmed within a scope.

Finally, after careful analysis and review, they found the leak points through the video endoscope system during a test run.

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