Report: J-10 cannot beat J-11 fighters without the help of ground missiles

J-10 radar jammed by J-11 fighter

Two recent reports from PLA’s official website and CCTV show that J-10 is no match for J-11 in air combats.

One report said that in a recent “Red Sword” air exercise, J-10 firstly found J-11 fighter formation with the help of Airborne Early Warning Aircraft, but was firstly attacked by J-11 under strong radar jamming. When J-10 fighters were about to lock J-11 by radar, they suddenly couldn’t see J-11 fighters on their screen under the jamming.

J-11 fighters therefore went through the intercepting zone and destroyed their targets. Later, with the help of early warning aircrafts again and also ground-to-air missiles, J-10 fighter won the battle difficultly.

The reported concluded that without cover, heavy multirole combat aircrafts feel hard to break through complete air defense system and complete their goals. And in face of air-superiority fighters like J-10, J-11 would have to abandon their ammunition for land targets to secure winning in air battles.

Another report said J-10 firstly found J-11 but was immediately locked by J-11 fighters. In a drill in autumn, East China Fleet’s two types of aircrafts attended an air battle drill.

J-10 fighters were also responsible for intercepting the attacking J-11 fighters. J-11 fighters performed extreme low-altitude flight and radio silence to penetrate defense, but was found by J-10 fighters first.

J-11 fighters changed their strategy from surprise attack to dogfight. J-10 fighters tried to lock J-11 fighters but were soon got rid of by J-11 by jamming, who launched a missile towards J-10 fighters and soon reduced attitude after attack completed.

With the help of real-time situational display, wing aircrafts of J-10 fighter formation turned left and entered the close distance.

J-10 and J-11 fighters of China Air Force are usually enemies in its air exercises, but the outcome is often not unveiled. Some reports said Su series fighters of China including J-11 fighters were no match for J-10 fighter jets, for J-11A lags behind J-10 in its electronic equipment, and performs worse in acceleration performance. One report even said J-10 and J-11 both attack each other with machine guns in an exercise.

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