Expert: ZBD-04A better than BMP-3 and M2 Bradley IFV


Apart from ZTZ-99A Tank (Type 99), ZBD-04A Infantry fighting vehicle, an upgrade of ZBD-04, which was called ZBD-08 firstly on internet, was another powerful land weapon on the 9/3 Beijing V-Day Parade.

ZBD-04A will be an excellent partner of ZTZ-99A Tank, it has one 100mm low-voltage rifled gun, one 30mm machine cannon and one 7.62mm machine gun. Its many extra armours greatly improve its protective ability. And its power system and information platform match those of ZTZ-99A Tank, allowing seamless connection in coordinative battles.

Expert in China thinks ZBD-04A has surpassed Russian BMP-3 and American M2 Bradley IFV.

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