New J-10B fighters delivered to Chinese air force, better than F-15 and F-16?

Chinese J-10B fighter

Chinese J-10B in service

Photos of four new J-10B fighters are unveiled on the internet recently, the Chinese air force coating means they had been in service.

According to military experts including Song Zhixin and Zhang Zhaozhong, J-10B (Vigorous Dragon) can defeat Japanese F-15J fighters easily, as well as US F-18 – F/A-18E/F series.

Other observers think that with AESA radar and PL-12 air-to-air missile, Chinese J-10B fighter can defeat F-16 fighter of US.

DSI air inlet of J-10B fighter

J-10B fighter uses DSI (diverterless supersonic inlet) air inlet, just like JF-17 fighter, and the fifth generation of China’s jet fighters J-20 and J-31 also use DSI air inlet.

As a result, J-10B enhances its performances of beyond visual range air combat.

New engine with more thrust of J-10B

J-10A fighter uses AL-31FN from Russia, with the biggest augmented thrust of 12.5 tons, and J-10B fighter will still use Russian engine.

Russia has completed trial of AL-31FN-M1 engine, which is installed on Su-27SM fighter. Its biggest augmented thrust reaches 13.5 tons, and military thrust increases from 7.77 tons to 8.25 tons, with less fuel consumption.

It is reported that WS engine (Taihang) made by China is not adopted on J-10B, because it is unstable. And J-10B has selected AL-31FN-M1, which will offer sufficient power to the fighter.

Besides, just like J-16, of which variants are developed, J-10 fighters will follow the same route.

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