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Chinese expert: sonic boom of J-20 may indicate its reliable performance

Chengdu citizens heard great sound on the afternoon of November 26th, and news office of Chengdu government said on the evening that the sound was caused by sonic boom of a plane from Chengdu Aircraft Company. As J-20 carries out

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China’s military reform: to redivide war zones and establish joint command authority

On China’s Central Military Commission Reform Work Conference yesterday, Xi vowed to implement military reforms and army strengthening strategies.

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China conducts sixth test of Hypersonic Weapon WU-14, more advanced than America’s

Hong Kong Zhongtong Press recently quoted insider from China’s aviation industry that China carried out two advanced weapon test at both southern and northern launching site on November 23rd, one is heavy rocket transition and another is the most advanced

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Expert: No. 2017 J-20 fighter might be the last prototype, small mass production will begin

The latest prototype of Chinese J-20 stealth fighter made debut on November 24th. Different from the previous versions, the No. 2017 J-20 jet was welcomed by some etiquette personnel with flowers on their hands, which might indicate the significance of

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Chinese netizens expect Russia to pummel Turkey

Since Turkey’s F-16 fighter shot Russia’s Su-24 down yesterday, Chinese social networks have been full of comments expecting Russia to “pummel” Turkey.

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China may import technology of Su-35’s TVC engine AL-41F1S (117S) for J-20

Russia recently unveiled that the agreement of selling 24 Su-35 fighters to China had been signed up. Meanwhile, Xu Qiliang, vice chairman of China’s Central Military Commission, was on a visit to Moscow.

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Chinese Shenyang J-16 fighter’s advanced cockpit display unveiled

Although Shenyang J-16 fighter has not been officially reported, its photos have been spread on the internet for a while. Some people think it’s a new type of comprehensive fighter with strong air-to-ground attack ability, while others think it’s the

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New type J-11 fighter prototype equipped with new radome

Recently Chinese military fan shot a series of photos of a new type prototype of J-11 fighter, which is still covered by yellow coating, and shows obviously different radome compared to past types of J-11 series.

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J-10B flies with homemade WS engine again, this time formally coated

Chinese military fans shot J-10B fighter flying with homemade WS engine (Taihang) again. The J-10B had been painted with grey coating of Chinese Air Force, and was fully armed with missiles and auxiliary fuel tanks. It looked well with the

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Chinese superconductivity company exhibits electromagnetic catapult model for carrier-based aircraft

A Chinese superconductivity company called Shanghai Superconductivity recently displays on the 17th China International Industry Fair a model of electromagnetic catapult for carrier-based aircraft, and claimed that its performance is 25% better than similar ones of other countries.

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