Chinese netizens expect Russia to pummel Turkey

Russian Su-24 crashing after hit by Turkey F-16

Since Turkey’s F-16 fighter shot Russia’s Su-24 down yesterday, Chinese social networks have been full of comments expecting Russia to “pummel” Turkey.

Chinese people have a special feeling for Turks because Turkish people are thought to be offspring of ancient Turkic people lived to the north of Ancient China. They established a huge khanate and lasted for hundreds of years; finally they were defeated by Tang Dynasty and migrated all the way to Middle East in a period.

Turkey has just given up buying China’s HQ-9 air-defense missile, said to be under pressure of U.S., but Turkey’s playing fast and loose irritate Chinese people.

As Turkey spells the same as “turkey” and begins with “土” (“soil” or “local”) in its Chinese name, it is also called as “local chicken” by some Chinese people.

Therefore, many Chinese people are talking about “Hairy Bear” (Russia) to beat “Local Chicken” (Turkey).

In contrast with China’s moderation, Russia’s tough win the heart of countless Chinese people, who missed China’s tough actions against enemies especially during Han and Tang dynasties.

Russia’s fair and resolute attitude regardless of their real economic and military strength (especially weakness of conventional weapons) encourage a lot of Chinese people and let them be dissatisfied with China’s past moderate attitudes and actions in disputes even though China takes the initiative in nomology. Such dissatisfaction is enhanced by their hatred for Japan due to historical reasons.

Anyhow, Chinese people are now waiting Russia to teach Turkey a lesson, and judging from Putin’s fast and tough responses, Russia will not disappoint them.

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