J-16 electronic warfare aircraft uses homemade engine, J-15S electronic type also being developed

China's J-16 electronic-jamming aircraft

The latest photo of J-16 electronic warfare aircraft indicates that China’s Shenyang Aircraft Institute is carrying out test flights of new-type J-16 electronic warfare aircraft.

Insiders have unveiled that the electronic warfare type of J-16 fighter mainly removes machine cannons and other equipment, and meanwhile adds related devices for electronic warfare.

The two electronic pods each has four blade-shape antennas. And thanks to J-16’s large payloads, its electronic warfare type can carry five jamming pods, while JH-7 can only load two pods.

Besides, J-16 electronic warfare aircraft is using an enhanced type of homemade WS engine (Taihang), which offers a thrust of 13 tons, ensuring strong maneuvering capability of J-16 electronic warfare aircraft while it hangs a number of arms and ammunition and electronic pods, giving it the ability of aerial warfare as well.

It was also unveiled that apart from its jamming capacity like US Navy’s EA-18G, J-16 electronic warfare aircraft may also suppress enemies’ Data Link Communication System.

Furthermore, China is also developing carrier-based electronic warfare aircraft based on J-15S, which owns similar capacity to J-16.

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