Rumor: Chinese special forces destroy overseas training camps of terrorists

Chinese special forces in action against terrorists

Chinese special forces in an action against terrorists

Recently a Chinese veteran named Brother Xiang said on Weibo that not long ago, Special Forces of China struck a training camp of terrorists located in a foreign country. According to the information, Chinese troops annihilated over forty terrorists by zero casualty, but was surrounded by local armed forces when they withdrew.

The enemy was tens of times more than PLA forces, but suffered dozens of injuries and deaths while Chinese special forces had one killed and one injured. The combat ceased in a short time due to rear contacts.

Chinese special forces in action against terrorists 4

It was also rumored that a company of Chinese special forces were sent to a Central Asian country in 2014, and killed more than two hundreds of East Turkistan terrorists under the help of the country’s army.

Chinese special forces in action against terrorists 3

The battle lasted for over half an hour, and the East Turkistan terrorists were dogged with their good weapons and vantage ground. Finally, nine Chinese special forces died and over 20 wounded, while 89 terrorists were killed, and the rest were captured.

Chinese special forces in action against terrorists 1

Apart from such overseas actions, rumors and reports about Chinese special forces attacking terrorists in China (often in Xinjiang) are often seen on the internet, and disparities between casualties of both sides could be even greater.

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