Official news indicates that J-16 fighter adopts AESA radar

J-16 fighter with formal coating

J-16 fighter with formal coating

China Aviation News posts an article about Cao Zhenglin, deputy chief engineer of AVIC on Feb 1st, unveiling some details of development of the latest radar of China.

The articles says that from May to September 2015, some key type of radar developed by AVIC made continuous success in target practices, setting new records in height and length and reaching domestic leading and international advanced level.

As the article mentioned that this airborne radar is a kind of “new system radar”, analysts think this is definitely AESA radar, which should be carried by China’s new type multirole combat aircraft – J-16 fighter.

It has been rumored for a long time that AESA radar has been equipped to J-16 fighter, which made its maiden flight in Shenyang on October 17th 2011. With Chinese homemade engine “Taihang” WS-10 engine, J-16’s performance is reported to be equal to U.S. F-15E fighter bomber.

AESA radar is believed to be also equipped on J-10C, J-20, FC-31 and J-11D fighters.

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