Report: U.S. F-22 fighter detected and intercepted by China in East China Sea ADIZ

F-22 fighters

Chinese newspaper Can Kao Xiao Xi quoted on February 15th that Hong Kong’s Oriental Daily website reported that on Feb. 10th during China’s Spring Festival, American F-22 stealth fighters entered China’s East China Sea ADIZ.

PLA’s East China Sea Fleet’s air force detected unclassified targets near the East China Sea ADIZ, and orders combat fighter detachment to intercept.

Several fighters of the fleet entered the ADIZ in several minutes, and shipboard helicopters also patrolled above related sea area; besides, on-duty fighters at several airports were also armed with missiles and ready for taking off.

The opponent fighters are suspected as U.S. F-22 fighters. And in a recent interview with CCTV, Chinese military expert Yin Zhuo said China is capable of detecting F-22 stealth fighters with metrewave radar. Besides, China’s KJ-2000 and KJ-500 early warning airplanes are also able to find stealth fighters.

Japanese Ministry of Defense said on Jan 22 that U.S. had deployed 14 F-22 fighters in its Yokota Air Base.

China’s JY-26 radar located in Shandong province monitored the whole flight of U.S. F-22 fighters above South Korea in late March 2013.

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