Latest test flight photos of Z-20 helicopter unveiled

Z-20 helicopter

Z-20 helicopter is a medium helicopter made by China based on U.S. Black Hawks helicopter. China imported dozens of America’s S-70 helicopters in 1980s.

Over the past dozens of years, China hadn’t been able to copy Black Hawks helicopter, until recent years.

Z-20 helicopter is said to have made multiple “improvements” on S-70 helicopters, four example, it uses a five blade rotor compared with the Black Hawks’ four blades.

Chinese military was reported to have strong demands of a type of medium helicopter with outstanding plateau performance like Black Hawks, which were even used during 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake, dozens of years after importing them.

It is speculated that Z-20 helicopter is about to enter service.

Z-20 2 Z-20 3 Z-20

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