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China’s Ministry of Defense admits Railway-launched DF-41 ballistic missile

Washington Free Beacon’s website reported on December 21st that U.S. intelligence department unveiled that they detected an ejection test of DF-41 ballistic missile on a train. Chinese Ministry of Defense’s spokesman Yang Yujun responded that “Our scientific research tests performed at

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China military expert: Turkey made a big mistake by giving up HQ-9 surface-to-air missile

Turkey selected Chinese munitioner CPMIEC’s HQ-9 surface-to-air missile (known as the FT-2000 for export) among similar products from Russia, U.S. and Europe two years ago, it is said that HQ-9 could detect and shoot missiles that were not detected by

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China conducts sixth test of Hypersonic Weapon WU-14, more advanced than America’s

Hong Kong Zhongtong Press recently quoted insider from China’s aviation industry that China carried out two advanced weapon test at both southern and northern launching site on November 23rd, one is heavy rocket transition and another is the most advanced

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J-10B equipped with the same new type air-to-air missile as J-20 fighter

Some Chinese military fan shot some pictures of J-10B jet fighters of China, one of which was equipped with a new-type air-to-air missile without wings, just like J-20 stealth fighters have.

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The newest China’s 093B nuclear submarine vertical launch system can attack US carriers

A satellite picture revealed in March revealed that several Type 093B nuclear submarines had obvious hunches, which means the vertical launch device had been installed, but the picture was never verified.

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China’s PL-15 air-to-air missile could threaten F-35 fighter

US media website Public Science recently reported that China has just tested its BVRAAM (Beyond Visual Range Air-to-Air Missile) – PL-15, which destroyed a UAV.

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Rumor: China develops air-launching variant of DF-21D anti-ship ballistic missile

Recently an unknown Chinese media source unveiled that DF-21D anti-ship ballistic missile has an air launch variant.

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China’s PL-15 intermediate-range air-to-air missile to be equipped to J-20 Stealth Fighter

PL-15 is a new-generation intermediate-range air-to-air missile of China Air Force. Compared to current PL-12, it features upgraded rocket engine and guiding system, and reaches the level of American AIM-120D.

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DF-26 Combat process unveiled, enemy aircraft carrier bombed into two parts

Chinese military media websites recently unveiled the whole process of DF-26 attacking an aircraft carrier. It is assumed that a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier and some destroyers invade Chinese waters and neglect warnings from China, so a DF-26 missile was launched,

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Chinese cold ejecting launch technique can launch missiles faster than ever, and military aircrafts

A recent publicity video of Chinese military enterprise introduced a kind of new cold ejecting launch technique.

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