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DF-26 can not only attack warships but also “shoot with no reliance”

Analysts in China said the recently unveiled DF-26 not only attacks warships, another key point is that it can be shot with no reliance, which increases its randomness, concealing capacity and motility, indicating that China’s navigation and guidance systems have

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One YJ-12 or YJ-100 missile could paralyze a 10,000-ton warship

Analyst in China says YJ-12 and YJ-100 have very powerful anti-ship cruise missile, about 400-500 kilograms, and one missile could paralyze a 10,000-ton warship.

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Chinese military expert: No fighter could escape from J-20 fighter with PL-13 missiles

People’s Daily Web reported that some overseas media said China is busy with testing the latest PL-13 air-to-air missile on J-20 stealth fighter, which would be a serious threat to America’s F-22 fighter.

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