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Official news indicates that J-16 fighter adopts AESA radar

China Aviation News posts an article about Cao Zhenglin, deputy chief engineer of AVIC on Feb 1st, unveiling some details of development of the latest radar of China.

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Chinese Shenyang J-16 fighter’s advanced cockpit display unveiled

Although Shenyang J-16 fighter has not been officially reported, its photos have been spread on the internet for a while. Some people think it’s a new type of comprehensive fighter with strong air-to-ground attack ability, while others think it’s the

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Chinese military expert: J-16 is far better than Su-30 and F-15, J-20 will “kick the door”

As for the newly unveiled J-16 heavy fighter jet of China, Chinese military expert Hu Siyuan said in a recent interview that J-16 is a “third generation and half” fighter jet, and is far better than “three generation” fighters of

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