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Most Complete J-15 Fighter Training Process on Liaoning Aircraft Carrier Unveiled

A video of J-15 fighter training on China’s Liaoning Aircraft Carrier was unveiled today, which shows the whole process of J-15 fighter’s take-off from the carrier, from coming out hangar to flying over the sea.

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Chinese Naval Commander views training of pilots on Liaoning Aircraft Carrier

Chinese PLA is now training new batches of carrier-based aircraft pilots, to prepare for homemade aircraft carriers. Xinhua news agency reported that Liaoning Aircraft Carrier carried out incorporating trainings in Bohai Sea last week. A new batch of J-15 fighter pilots

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China’s first homemade aircraft carrier: clone of Liaoning Aircraft Carrier

Judging from all the public reports and materials, China’s first indigenous aircraft carrier copies the overall design of Liaoning Aircraft Carrier. The benefits of doing so include short construction period, and fighting capacity formed in a short period, according to

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China’s first indigenous aircraft carrier might be launched in Dec

Hong Kong Mingpao daily reported that China’s first domestically produced aircraft carrier, which is numbered 001A, will be formally launched on the birthday of Mao, Dec. 26th.

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