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China sends J-10, JH-7 and KJ-200 for military exercise with Russia

In China and Russia’s joint military exercise of “Unified Air Defense”, China sent an air battle group consisted of two J-10 fighters, two JH-7 fighting bombers and one early warning aircraft – KJ-200.

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Official media unveils progress of J-20 fighter: WS-15 jet engine might be tested

As one of the most important awards in China aviation field, China Aviation Society’s “Feng Ru Sci&Tech Elite Award” had its third batch of nominees and candidates unveiled recently, disclosing some new achievements of Chinese aviation.

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China’s multiple rocket launchers hit small flags hundreds of kilometers away

Some new-type rocket guns and artilleries made by China North Industries Group Corporation (CNGC) made demonstrations recently, including AR3 long-distance large-caliber multiple rocket launcher, SR5 canister rocket launcher and PLZ-45 self propelled howitzer, which showed amazing hit rates.

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Russian analyst: J-20 fighter may not aim at close combat

Russian military news website recently speculated that China’s J-20 stealth fighter might not be used for close combat, but for dealing with American reconnaissance planes and tanker aircrafts with its long-range air-to-air missiles. These aircrafts are critical for USA in

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