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Chinese military expert refutes Russian article on real strength of China’s nuclear weapons

Russian “Expert” magazine recently released a post saying that China’s strategic nuclear forces are not as powerful as publicized, and China is still using the Soviet Union’s nuclear technologies in the 1950s and 1960s, yet got a lot of such

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China-India joint military exercise: different combat tactics and underlying intention reflected

China and India held a joint anti-terrorism exercise recently – “Hand-in-Hand 2015” at Kunming Military Academy in Yunnan province. According to Chinese military report, armies from China and India were mixed and separated into two companies, one led by a

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After selling to Pakistan: new material and coating to make Chinese submarines including nuclear submarines undetectable

China has been suffering poor technologies for submarines for a long period, especially for its nuclear submarines, which feature big noise. But in recent years, China has made great progress in development of conventional submarines, and developed AIP technology.

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New J-10B fighters equipped with homemade WS-10 engine

As we reported before, a new batch of J-10B fighters have joined Chinese air force, and according to latest photos shot by military fans, some new J-10B fighters are using homemade WS-10 engine (Taihang), instead of Russian AL-31FN, which is

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China Military’s secret trump card: underground bases of Chinese air force

China military not only has underground missile bases, but also owns dozens of underground air force bases. In modern wars, military airports are always important targets for bombing and attack. Ground airports are so fragile that could be easily destroyed,

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What’s ahead for China military to be cut 300,000 people

On the 9/3 China military parade, Xi announced that 300,000 troops will be cut from the 2.3-million-people Chinese military. This is not the first time of Chinese army disarmament. In Mao, Deng, Jiang and Hu periods, Chinese army was cut

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Another J-10 crash caused by engine problem reported officially

CCTV of China today reported a recent Chengdu J-10 crash, and praised its pilot’s determination to prevent hurting lives and fortune of the people.

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China’s sixth generation jet fighter confirmed, more advanced than J-20 aircraft

It is known that U.S. is developing sixth-generation jet fighter, and China’s sixth-generation fighter aircraft has been rumored for years, and recently, it is finally confirmed officially.

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New J-10B fighters delivered to Chinese air force, better than F-15 and F-16?

Photos of four new J-10B fighters are unveiled on the internet recently, the Chinese air force coating means they had been in service.

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China’s ZTZ-99A Tank broke down many times in parade rehearsals

ZTZ-99A Tank is China’s king of land battle, but according to 99A tank’s general designer Mao Ming, this Chinese type of main battle tank is not stable, with low reliability.

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