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Spaces reserved for production J-20 fighter unveiled

A satellite photo spread on the internet in China indicates that multiple spaces have been reserved for J-20 stealth fighters, alongside those for J-10 fighters.

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China may succeed in developing “Taihang” FWS-10B aircraft engine

In a report on “China Aviation Newspaper” on Feb. 22, the successful development of an advanced aircraft engine was unveiled, and general designer of the engine Liu Yongquan was praised.

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Rumor: J-10C fighters with APAR radar have entered service

According to a report of thepaper yesterday, the latest version of J-10 fighter family – J-10C fighter might have entered service of PLA.

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China’s featured reactions to U.S.: HQ-9 missiles and JH-7 fighter bombers deployed in South China Sea

According to report from ifeng, a Chinese military media recently reported that JH-7 fighter bombers took off from an island airport and attended a military exercise.

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CCTV reveals that J-10B fighter has been in service

In a recent program of CCTV called “The Big Stage of Military Camp”, a shot of J-10B fighter in a military exercise was unveiled. This is the first official evidence that J-10B fighter has been in service. Before this, photos

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Report: U.S. F-22 fighter detected and intercepted by China in East China Sea ADIZ

Chinese newspaper Can Kao Xiao Xi quoted on February 15th that Hong Kong’s Oriental Daily website reported that on Feb. 10th during China’s Spring Festival, American F-22 stealth fighters entered China’s East China Sea ADIZ.

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No. 2101 J-20 fighter and its prototype appear together

Recently several photos on the internet indicate that production J-20 fighter No. 2101 and a prototype of J-20 appeared together on the test ground.

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Official news indicates that J-16 fighter adopts AESA radar

China Aviation News posts an article about Cao Zhenglin, deputy chief engineer of AVIC on Feb 1st, unveiling some details of development of the latest radar of China.

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Chinese homemade aircraft carrier’s catapult test runways unveiled

Recently a satellite picture prevails on internet in China, which was said to be “the third steam-driven catapult of Chinese homemade aircraft carrier”.

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Division of China’s new war regions formally unveiled

The war zone inaugural meeting of Chinese People’s Liberation Army was held in Beijing on February 1st and formally unveiled division of the new five war regions, which are replacing the old seven military regions.

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