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China establishes joint operation command center

CCTV reported yesterday that China had established its first joint operation command center, and President Xi acts as the commander in chief himself.

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China’s state media: F-22 may have critical defects

China’s official media Xinhua News recently released a post written by military expert Chen Hu, who is chief editor of “World Military” journal sponsored by Xinhua’s PLA Bureau.

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China’s early warning aircrafts guide JH-7 fighter bombers to attack “enemy fleet”

According to PLA’s official website, the Northern War Region carried out a military exercise on March 24th.

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WZ-10 helicopter gunship might to have improved homemade engine

According to a recent report from Qiangjiang Evening, China’s homemade helicopter gunship will hopefully have new-type homemade WZ-16 engine, which features more power than currently used WZ-9C engine, of which the power is merely about 1,000kw.

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Chinese military experts: Chinese homemade aircraft carrier to be launched soon and homemade engines are used

In a recent interview with CCTV, Chinese military expert Cao Weidong said judging from the photos released on the internet, China’s first homemade aircraft carrier will be launched soon.

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