Chinese aircraft carrier catapult delivered to navy in 2020 and J-20 carrier aircraft remains a mystery

J-20 on board

Chinese-made J-20 is a twin-engine stealth heavy fourth-generation fighter, the J-20 aircraft will become one of the main Chinese Air Force combat aircraft. But the current state of the J-20 aircraft clearly does not meet the requirements of carrier aircraft, if you want to develop the J-20 carrier-based aircraft, you also need to make some appropriate changes, from the successful development of some way to go yet.

Chinese Navy J-20 carrier-based demand in number compared with the Chinese Air Force’s needs and does not take advantage of the Chinese Air Force fixed-wing aircraft development has always been a large enterprise customers. Of course, the needs and importance of such national strategies aircraft engineering and general commercial transactions sense there is a big difference, this issue will be the headquarters for coordination.

Now fear is that the J-20 carrier-based development progress, after all, the J-20 carrier-based changes larger, procedures and time required to go will be more able to be developed simultaneously with the aircraft carrier catapult might there are some variables.

When asked for some, the Internet has been the emergence of an alleged F-15 carrier-based aircraft catapult takeoff and to be modified photographs showing front landing gear to accommodate increased catapult hook and down the retraction actuator. As the photo is vague, reflecting the details are not clear, its authenticity is very suspicious. Compared with a typical carrier-based aircraft, the F-15 forward fuselage is too long, but after the front landing gear installation and rely on, together with greater height, to cope with the violent impact when landing, the aircraft nose landing gear structure of pay increase considerable weight, compared to catapult modified pay structure will be less weight gain.

It was calculated that the current J-15 modified to catapult to strengthen the landing gear, you may want to weight 300 kg. This strict control of the empty weight of the J-15, it is not good news. However with a view of the F-15 can be converted into a catapult after further weight loss, because the original order to improve the performance of low-speed flight flying leaps slippery designed lift devices, such as the J-15 canard, etc., it is possible in the catapult take-off mode cancel. Thus comparing calculated by the modified F -15 weight can be controlled at 200 kg. When asked for some, the Internet has been the emergence of an alleged F-15 carrier-based aircraft catapult takeoff and to be modified photos, so some people do have a judgment J-15 loaded catapult take-off “program.” Catapult take-off can be further increased takeoff weight fully loaded F -15, -15 F thereby increasing fuel loads and the ability to mount weapons, which has a very large significance for the F-15 aircraft carrier battle groups to enhance their performance.

From these photos can interpret at least the two, one is the development of China’s own aircraft carrier catapult system development schedule is ideal; the other is the Chinese navy is developing the F-15 carrier aircraft catapult type. It seems that Chinese Navy carrier-based fighter aircraft developed four generations of progress there are some concerns, and the development of the J-15 type aircraft catapult either as a backup means, and will not appear embarrassment catapult-type aircraft carrier aircraft It can also be directly used J-15 type aircraft carrier catapult to the top when you shipborne capacity insufficient number of four generations of machines, formed as a transitional model aircraft carrier battle group’s combat effectiveness.

According to Chinese naval weapons and equipment, “the construction of generation, design generation, pre-research generation” usual practice, the aircraft carrier catapult type should have been in the design, construction started in a few years can be expected in 2020, a later time can be delivered to the Chinese Navy China’s fourth-generation carrier-based fighter development time must be less than this time period in order to reach a harmonious development of aircraft carriers with catapults. In addition, there is a possibility that the Chinese navy is also currently while developing stealth fighter drones, after all, Chinese UAV technology has been at the forefront of the world.

But things are developing, and the process of development there will be variable, just as people did not expect China will build a naval aircraft carrier 001A as the J-20 carrier-based aircraft can be synchronized with the Chinese Navy aircraft carrier catapult development or halfway also there are some variables.

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