China’s catapultabile J-15 test succeeds


According to recent internet source, some insider familiar with development of Chinese carrier aircraft said, China’s J-15 carrier-based fighter catapult type has successfully performed maiden flight.

If true, this means that China has cleared the technical obstacles associated catapult fighter type, carrier-based aircraft problems will not restrict the development of China’s future aircraft carrier with a catapult.

Previously, the network had appeared in a picture display, the name of a ship class national Institute appeared on a J-15 carrier-based fighter model, and the picture also shows the gear that J-15 carrier-based fighter aircraft model has been It was modified: retractable landing gear cylinders obviously bold, double front wheel mounted suspected ejection lever. From the pictures shown in the official website of the Institute informed that the Institute is the largest and most influential of the Institute of Electrical and ship special auxiliary equipment, whereby a number of military observers who believe that this indicates that the domestic carrier-based fighter during catapult correlation off.

Aircraft carrier as the main offensive weapon Naval Fleet, which can quickly and reliably take-off is to ensure the combat effectiveness of the important factors. Carrier-based aircraft, in addition to the vertical short takeoff and landing aircraft and helicopters capable of vertical take-off, the rest of the fixed-wing carrier-based aircraft are taxiing to go through proper distance, up to a certain speed to take off, take off from the ship. Currently, the ship set equipped with the fixed-wing carrier-based aircraft to take off the way, there are two types: catapult take-off mode and flying leaps slippery, rather catapult way is the current carrier-based aircraft to take off the most efficient way.

Use catapult can significantly enhance the efficiency of carrier-based aircraft. China’s first aircraft carrier “Liaoning ship” Since the service, its J-15 fighter jets equipped with the sliding since the only flying leaps and much controversy. However, aside catapult with flying leaps slippery whether one is better debated topics aside, the way is to fly “Liaoning ship” of the ski-jump, the biggest problem faced is the takeoff on the flight deck operational efficiency issues. If the J-15 from the No. 1 elevator on deck, you have to move by pulling back on the meter. If using catapult, up on deck waiting for the J-15 can be close to the ejection, the amount of work can be reduced a lot. Since the ejector mounting positions are more forward, blocking the rear deck flame board space, compared with more planes can be parked, creating better conditions for the catapult to take off again, and start the next one can catapult then place rack. So for future aircraft carriers, the adoption of catapult take-off will effectively improve the efficiency of carrier-based aircraft to take off, domestic research department developed catapult-type carrier-based fighter is inevitable choice.

In the foreseeable future 5-10 years, the Chinese J-15 will continue to be the main carrier-based aircraft. While China, the development of challenging ejection system, ejection system must be carefully designed and manufactured to operate effectively. But with the development of China’s future to start building aircraft carriers with catapults, catapult solve the problem it has become China military research personnel problems to be solved. Once the technology is mature ejection future, China will certainly catapult applications in early warning aircraft, reconnaissance aircraft and tanker aircraft research and development, to improve the overall combat capability of the Chinese aircraft carrier battle groups.

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