Expert: J-20 to enter service soon and F-35 is no threat to China

J-20 China

Japan’s Kyodo News reported Wednesday that US Air Force announced on Tuesday that advanced stealth fighter F-35A has been available for operational deployment of “initial operational capability.”

It is reported that in September this year, the Japanese side is expected to deliver its first aircraft ordered F-35, the future of the US military will deploy F-35 in Alaska. Chinese Air Force expert Fu Qianshao on the 3rd to accept the “Global Times” reporter, said the current F-35A of the so-called “initial operational capability” is playing a big discount, because the fire control system software is not yet complete, it includes a gun in airborne weapons inside are not available, even if the F-35A for future deployments to Asia, but also did not pose a threat to China.

Reported that the Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James said in a statement stressed: “For the United States and allies, the international community partners continue to contain the threat, this is an important milestone.” US military plans to purchase 2443 F -35 fighters, which the United States Air Force will get 1763 fighters, F-35 scheduled deployment in the Pacific for the Air Force base in Alaska.

Chinese Air Force expert Fu Qianshao said, “initial operational capability” means to achieve the technical and tactical fighter indicators, while the pilot has the ability to control this preliminary fighter. However, the information obtained from the point of view, F-35A from the reach “initial operational capability” There are no small distance, there are a lot of design work, test work is not completed, mainly concentrated in the combat system software development, since fire control software issues, the current F-35 the most basic weapon – gun cannot be used. According to the US military with past practice, a new fighter is impossible in such a situation on fielded forces, but to do so at present because of the long development cycle of the F-35 to make the US Congress cannot be tolerated, he urged the Pentagon the last time a node proposed delivery, which means that part of the F-35A flight test work into the army, the ability of F-35A in this state will be marked with a big question mark. You can fly, but it cannot have much combat or combat capability remains to be seen. Moreover, from an initial operational capability fielded to take a long time running, the F-22 in accordance with precedent, from initial operational capability to the battlefield at least over ten years, so the F-35 into combat when it can really hard to say.

US-Japan fielded F-35 China will constitute much of a threat? Fu Qianshao very confident that, F-35 cannot currently pose a threat to China. First, it is still in the discounted “initial operational capability” phase, the pilots but also for a long time to explore, and a limited number of aircraft. By contrast China’s J-20 has been carried out for many years in flight, China has many domestic stealth fighter pilots fly over this, have a lot of experience and experience. Currently, the J-20 has nearly finalized soon even the fielded forces. After fielding because of pre-flight experience, the Chinese Air Force will soon train a large number of J-20 pilot, so after a very short span of time fielding initial operational capability. Whether in terms of the number of fighters, quality, fighter pilots familiarity, etc., the Chinese Air Force has confidence in his country to deal with the threat of stealth fighters.

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