Russian media: J-20 to be equipped with WS-15 engine, US very surprised at its progress

Russian military information website recently reported that since the United States began to develop a fifth generation fighter – F35, other countries are not far behind, and they follow the trend of development of fifth generation fighter, including China.

What was achieved in this field by China? US General David Goldfein made very sharp criticism against the Chinese J-20 fighter, but still take a look at the similarities and differences between US F35 fighter and China’s J-20 fighter.

The end of 2014, China emerged two J-20 prototypes, until a total of four prototypes. Compared to the previous frame, which two prototypes have many improvements. Truncated canard fin and improved intake and wing leading edge. In addition, also installed photoelectric sensor system.

2015 incorporates five kinds of 20 airborne equipment, including navigation systems, shipborne radar, IFF system, airborne electronic equipment control system and open the electronic device debugging. Chinese Defense Ministry said the man operations, even the most advanced fighter aircraft is not necessarily to win, if you want to win the next war, the Air Force must be coordinated with the operations with other services. J-20 is the main performance can stealth, the ability of digital flight control systems, integrated avionics systems, airborne active phased array radar, “extraordinary” maneuverability and BVR hit the target.

Average 5–6 years for new aircraft to conduct flight tests in parallel mounted troops. For example, the F-10 first flew in 1998, to the end of 2003 to complete the test; F-10B first flight in late 2008, and in 2014 began service; F-11B first flew in late 2003, the end of 2008 the service; F-15 carrier-based aircraft first flight in 2009, and in 2014 began mass production. The J-20 is expected to be equipped with a full set of airborne equipment in 2017, and in service.

Chinese stealth fighter J-20 uses is not necessarily dedicated to close air combat. In addition to its designer, no one knows its true purpose. But there is a saying that the plane was designed for the US reconnaissance aircraft and air tankers were built long-range missile attacks. These kinds of aircraft for the US military is critical, if not them, the Air Force the ability to wage war in the Western Pacific will be dropped.

Although the J-20 stealth fighter, but the volume is very large, up to 19 meters, it has a self-defense capability. The aircraft has a canard for increasing stability, but its stealth useless, which means that China has lagged behind in this regard.

Another problem is that the J-20 equipped with Russian-made AL-31F turbofan engine, and this engine for the J-20 is not strong enough. J-20 stealth fighter China in manufacturing a big step. Before the Pentagon predicted that the aircraft will be 2020 interview, in fact, its prototype appeared in January 2011 in the United States was very surprised.

China is expected in 2017 completed the first J-20 squadron branch, and the formation of initial operational capability in 2017 to 2018. 2019 to 2020, will produce more powerful turbofan engine -15 to equip the fighters.

In the fifth generation fighter field, China is far ahead of other Asian countries, India, Japan and South Korea the fifth-generation fighter in service no earlier than 2027. In addition to J-20, China also built the F-31 fighter, it has completed flight tests.

Clearly, China is not in the field of modern fighters behind the United States. While some US military personnel on the Chinese fighter skeptical, but in fact, China already has the ability and technology to defend their territory.

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