The first delivery of J-20 to the Air Force: air domination competition no longer complex in West Pacific

Another F-35A fighter jet took off from Lockheed Martin factory on Wednesday, the difference this time is that F-35 aircraft’s fuselage and wings have a white border of low visibility pattern – this is the first F-35A fighter aircraft made by the United States for the Japanese Air Self Defense Force.

According to the SDF had earlier released photos show that the aircraft in the 14th of this month has entered a complete state, as an important node in the project, up to a total of 42 F-35A aircraft will have been delivered in the next few years, substituted ASDF last batch of F-4EJ fighter.

Japanese F-4

Japan Air Self Defense Force base in Gifu experimental squadrons equipped with F-4EJ, picture taken on August 23, 2016

F-15 fighter

F-15J fighters will continue in the future as Japan’s Air Self-Defense’s main model, however, this is equipped with a total of only 223 fighters really old, even though I am afraid again refurbished life extension effect is limited

Invincible even, according to network news, China’s first Air Force J-20 fighter production this week also formally handed over to the Chinese Air Force, although we cannot confirm this, but the Chinese Air Force F-type mass production – production speed and flight schedule 20 of view, this point in time there should be a very high credibility.

These two things happened within a few days, no doubt from the Air Force said minthi Pacific countries formally entered the “Five Dynasties era” has only one step away. After Japan’s F-35A after completing the test subjects, the formal delivery of the ASDF will be used for some time in the International Training Group Arizona Luke Air Force Base, Japan Air Self Defense Force training the first batch of the country’s F-35A pilot, it should be returned to Japan, becoming one of the first to perform their combat patrol Five machine. The Chinese Air Force J-20 fighter will also be exploration and preparation of related training materials, and show the Chinese Air Force during service for other units of the Air Force combat capability Five machines, as well as help them to explore effective means of combating advanced stealth fighter.

If air power equipment from China and Japan Dressup perspective, this is the gap between China and Japan in recent decades to a minimum, but also in Japan for the first time the Air Force air superiority completely reversed a facelift: since 1997 Japan Airlines 1981 Japan Dress F-15J fighters: Guard received the first batch of test when F-2 fighter, China’s J-10 and J-11 have not test, a small amount of the introduction of the Chinese Air Force Su -27SK or core equipment Chinese Air Force’s F-7 is not only the number of rare equipment, in fact, do not have the basic fighting …… and in the Five Dynasties machine facelift, in addition to almost everyone outside the Japanese media no doubt that China’s J-20 will be in the air achieved a dominant position for the F-35A, it is also why, in the dress became a Japanese air power variation milestone.

Japan's F-35

Japan purchased the first aircraft F-35A fighter first flew in the United States

Of course, the performance disadvantage of this equipment is not JASDF originally conceived, after all, in Japan, the Five Dynasties machine renewal plan proposed at the beginning, whether it is the Japanese government or Japanese Air Self Defense Force, are firmly will buy US-made F-22A fighters as the preferred and only goal facelift. Although the United States has repeatedly reiterated F-22A due to its technical nature and sensitivity will not be sold, but the Japanese Air Self Defense Force has taken into account the special relationship between the United States and Japan, as well as Lockheed Martin made privately to the Japanese government, still did not relax the pursuit of the F-22A. Accordingly, the Japanese government was not only for the procurement “spare tire” nature of the F-35 fighter apathy (which can be seen from the Japanese government did not join the US F-35 project), also looks close to their own home-made Five machine ” mind “demonstrator interested in dull (” mind “demonstrator although formally proposed in 2000, but at the end of the project’s original plan before 2008, and even an aircraft scale models are not made out. The “mind “demonstrator Development full acceleration, precisely in 2009 the United States announced the shutdown of F-22A fighter after).

J-20 fighter has delivered the first mass-produced units, according to sources in fact, this is a matter in early August this year, the current J-20 is still using Russian-made engines, aerodynamic design but because of excellent flight performance F-35 is still rolling not a problem. But the J-20 is a truly revolutionary advances in stealth and avionics, weapons systems, and on the introduction of the original Su -27SK, as it is expected to lead the Air Force into a new era

From the F-35A “spare tire positive” story plot point of view, because the project is shut down in a hurry after the F-22A began formal participation, F-35A fighter Japanese type although the degree of completion with other countries purchasing F-35 Like, but ASDF consider their own point of view, the aircraft’s problems are quite small. First, because Japan is the purchase of military aircraft, but not involved in systems integration and development, so the F-35A fighters and JASDF original equipment system incompatible. Whether it is empty since the batch has been equipped with AAM-5 close-air missiles, or currently in the final development and testing of the AAM-4B medium-range air to air missiles, do not have to hang inside the F-35A fighter of the magazine, in other words, Japan Air Self-Defense Force will be maintained for at least the next two entirely different AAM sequence; secondly, F-35 performance in combat J-20 and the difference is obvious, Air Self Defense Force F-35A fighter equipment in maneuverability, stealth performance, BVRAC etc. occupy a disadvantage that the SDF to “rely on the quality of equipment and personnel,” the traditional policy failure; coupled with the choice of F-35A flight performance on the implementation of such a task such as emergency interception effect is likely not as good as F-15J, so the future in the East China Sea over a possible confrontation among the very old may also need the F-15J to continue to support the scene a few years.

The United States from the official to the civil concept of J-20 is believed rival F-22, the picture shows the game “Battlefield 4” J-20 players to show off their driving record to obtain 54 0

A Japanese magazine drawing of the “mind” shot down the J-20 Imaginative, in fact, this shows that the Japanese heart is still not clear F-35 opponent, so start playing now and then “sunk given away” game. But, this is not that two J-20 “from 20 years ago to buy the old German ironclads” level, it touches on Japan’s own F-15J has been renovated for 20 years did not take ……

Under no purchase F-22 supply, purchased F-35 do not fly, self-made Five machine did not progress, the Air Self Defense Force was supposed to accept the reality, between the independent development of the Five Dynasties and make do with the F-35 made decision. However, this year the Air Force intends to begin considering whether to resume production of the F-22 message letting them distracted Japan. After all, if the resumption of production, Japan can take the opportunity to purchase a number of F-22 is still a great possibility of modification, plus the F-22 air combat capability is absolutely excellent, so once again gearing up to start preparing the SDF. But then come, and whether this “intends to begin considering whether to resume production” is to successfully approved and budgeted started, even if the plan is to resume production by Lockheed Martin for the F-22 to modify, test, test, and then to mass production, the US military equipment once again we have at least seven or eight years’ time. Japan even if we can catch the fast lane and the right to receive priority delivery, starts now, but also after 2027 could obtain the coveted F-22 fighter remake. Before that the Japanese Air Self Defense Force, we can only rely on 42 F-35A as well as hundreds of stand-century F-15J 80 years to maintain air superiority. For a few years ago to give up on their F-15 fleet to conduct a thorough renovation of the ASDF, in order to continue to use these machines for more than 40 years of age in 10 years after the aircraft confrontation with China …… it is unthinkable.

J-20 fighter

PLA Air Force in the last few decades lagging behind in terms of fighters, but still created many record of David and Goliath. With the J-20 delivery units, China’s Air Force entered a superior winning era

In contrast, based on the basic design and production of its own J-20 Chinese Air Force has no such problems, in the case of the J-20 has been put into mass production, while steadily increasing their holdings Five machines, while continuing to steadily expanding the number of equipment F–10C, Shenyang J-16 and J–11D the four generation semi-fighter, the Chinese Air Force was able to secure a small amount of the -20 core, four generations of semi-fighters as the main force of a new generation of fighter jets in the next few years, and the event of resumption of production improved F-22 fighters until further improvements to upgrade and use stateful new generation of domestic high-thrust turbofan engine J-20 will reach a usable state, that time, the air over the western Pacific competition, not like today the general complex.

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