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China establishes joint operation command center

CCTV reported yesterday that China had established its first joint operation command center, and President Xi acts as the commander in chief himself.

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Division of China’s new war regions formally unveiled

The war zone inaugural meeting of Chinese People’s Liberation Army was held in Beijing on February 1st and formally unveiled division of the new five war regions, which are replacing the old seven military regions.

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Report: China to found aircraft engine group corporation to boost homemade engine R&D

Chinese media ThePaper quoted news from Bloomberg saying that China is to announce that an aircraft engine group corporation is to be founded, to integrate aircraft engine businesses.

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Combat Hero of Sino-Vietnamese War Li Zuocheng becomes the first Army Commander of China

Li Zuocheng, the former commander of Chengdu Military Region, now becomes the commander of newly established army headquarters.

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Five war regions to replace China’s seven military regions

According to Chinese PLA’s deep military reform plan, the current seven military regions will be replaced by five war regions: northern, western, central, eastern and southern war regions. Compared to the traditional military regions, the war regions will focus on

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China’s Rocket Forces established to replace Second Artillery Corps

It has been rumored for a period that China’s Second Artillery Corps is going to have its name changed, as Second Artillery Corps is an old code name used for confidential purposes and differing from ordinary artillery troops.

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China’s military reform: to redivide war zones and establish joint command authority

On China’s Central Military Commission Reform Work Conference yesterday, Xi vowed to implement military reforms and army strengthening strategies.

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What’s ahead for China military to be cut 300,000 people

On the 9/3 China military parade, Xi announced that 300,000 troops will be cut from the 2.3-million-people Chinese military. This is not the first time of Chinese army disarmament. In Mao, Deng, Jiang and Hu periods, Chinese army was cut

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