Test Flight Video Reveals J-11D Prototype

China’s aviation industry corporation released a video to mark the 60th anniversary of test flight history in the country and gave clear images of a new-type version of J-11, which is regarded as a prototype of J-11D fighter. Read more ›

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US Air Force to Develop J-20 Simulators

According to Today Russia television, US Air Force is looking for potential contractors to build simulators for Russia’s Su-57 and China’s J-20 jets.

It’s reported that America want some manufacturer to develop a set of solutions and devices which could imitate opponents’ features in air tests.

Various aspects of the simulators will have to be close to Su-57 and J-20 fighters, including radio transmission, electronic combat and material consumption.

But the simulators would adopt remote control instead of pilot boarding, and one of them should be able to fly at a speed of 0.95 Mach, for at least 30 hours in total.

It’s said that only “less than 300 million US dollars” are budgeted for this project.

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The first delivery of J-20 to the Air Force: air domination competition no longer complex in West Pacific

Another F-35A fighter jet took off from Lockheed Martin factory on Wednesday, the difference this time is that F-35 aircraft’s fuselage and wings have a white border of low visibility pattern – this is the first F-35A fighter aircraft made by the United States for the Japanese Air Self Defense Force. Read more ›

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Russian media: J-20 to be equipped with WS-15 engine, US very surprised at its progress

Russian military information website recently reported that since the United States began to develop a fifth generation fighter – F35, other countries are not far behind, and they follow the trend of development of fifth generation fighter, including China. Read more ›

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Expert: J-20 to enter service soon and F-35 is no threat to China

J-20 China

Japan’s Kyodo News reported Wednesday that US Air Force announced on Tuesday that advanced stealth fighter F-35A has been available for operational deployment of “initial operational capability.” Read more ›

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Chinese military expert: J-20 fighter’s new coating indicates that it might have entered service

J-20 latest coating in July 2016

Since January 2011 when the “Black Ribbon” turned out until January 2014 turned “Galacticos”, and then in the end of 2015, “Golden Flower” coming out, China’s fifth-generation stealth fighter J-20’s changeable coating is like “chameleon.” And recently, J-20 has got an international faces. Read more ›

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China’s catapultabile J-15 test succeeds


According to recent internet source, some insider familiar with development of Chinese carrier aircraft said, China’s J-15 carrier-based fighter catapult type has successfully performed maiden flight. Read more ›

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Chinese military analyst: J-20 is not necessary for an aircraft carrier, “Flying Sherman” is actually needed


With the internet exposure of under construction 001A-type aircraft carrier deck structure basically completed in Dalian, with regard to the future of China-made aircraft carrier guess the rise again, and J-20 fighter is no suspense once again become the number one domestic hot heavy carrier aircraft. But in fact J-20 is not suitable as a carrier-based aircraft, the future Chinese aircraft carrier is needed, “Sherman” type of carrier-based aircraft. Read more ›

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Chinese aircraft carrier catapult delivered to navy in 2020 and J-20 carrier aircraft remains a mystery

J-20 on board

Chinese-made J-20 is a twin-engine stealth heavy fourth-generation fighter, the J-20 aircraft will become one of the main Chinese Air Force combat aircraft. But the current state of the J-20 aircraft clearly does not meet the requirements of carrier aircraft, if you want to develop the J-20 carrier-based aircraft, you also need to make some appropriate changes, from the successful development of some way to go yet. Read more ›

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Y-20 transport aircraft enters service: using Russian engines while load capacity 1.5 times that of Il-76

Y-20 aircraft

For Chinese military fans, in this week, the most important event is rumors about Xian Y-20 large transport aircraft officially delivered to the air force, and therefore became active service aircraft. Read more ›

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