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J-11 fighters with Taihang engine from West War Region take exercises

PLA’s official site recently released a group of photos of J-11 fighters attending a free air battle exercise. These J-11 fighters are from the Western War Region and are using homemade Taihang Engine, and the exercise was conducted in a “specific

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Two-seat Taihang-engine J-11 fighters take military exercises

The website of Chinese Ministry of Defense recently released a set of photos of two-seat Taihang-engine J-11 fighters, which are not often seen before.

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China may succeed in developing “Taihang” FWS-10B aircraft engine

In a report on “China Aviation Newspaper” on Feb. 22, the successful development of an advanced aircraft engine was unveiled, and general designer of the engine Liu Yongquan was praised.

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New J-10B fighter equipped with gold tinted cockpit canopy

A new photo of J-10B fighter jet in test fight was unveiled on the internet in China. The photo shows that the new J-10B fighter flying in snow has grey coating, indicating it’s in service, and gold tinted cockpit canopy,

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Chinese military expert: Y-20 transport plane to enter service soon

New photos released on Chinese internet recently show that two new aircrafts of China’s first homemade large transport airplane Y-20 (numbered 785 and 788) had been manufactured, but there had been no authoritative information about them until today.

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Report: China to found aircraft engine group corporation to boost homemade engine R&D

Chinese media ThePaper quoted news from Bloomberg saying that China is to announce that an aircraft engine group corporation is to be founded, to integrate aircraft engine businesses.

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New J-10B fighters equipped with homemade WS-10 engine

As we reported before, a new batch of J-10B fighters have joined Chinese air force, and according to latest photos shot by military fans, some new J-10B fighters are using homemade WS-10 engine (Taihang), instead of Russian AL-31FN, which is

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Chinese military expert: J-20 fighter might have used homemade engine

Chinese military expert Du Wenlong said in a recent interview that J-20 stealth fighter might have used new-type power system, which is made by China, and therefore achieved overall homemade.

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