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China’s catapultabile J-15 test succeeds

According to recent internet source, some insider familiar with development of Chinese carrier aircraft said, China’s J-15 carrier-based fighter catapult type has successfully performed maiden flight.

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Chinese military experts: Chinese homemade aircraft carrier to be launched soon and homemade engines are used

In a recent interview with CCTV, Chinese military expert Cao Weidong said judging from the photos released on the internet, China’s first homemade aircraft carrier will be launched soon.

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Type 001A aircraft carrier to have larger hangar than carrier Liaoning

Qianjiang Evening recently released an article on China’s Type 001A aircraft carrier being built, which is based on an interview with Senior Colonel Cao Weidong coming from Chinese Navy Academic Institute.

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Chinese military expert Yin Zhuo: J-20 may become carrier-based aircraft

Chinese military expert Yin Zhuo, who is also director of Chinese Navy Information Technology Expert Committee, unveiled in a recent interview that J-20 may also become a carrier-based aircraft in the future.

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Electromagnetic compatibility test platform for type 002 aircraft carrier unveiled

Recently a photo on the internet in China indicates that a new facility appeared in the electromagnetic compatibility test base located in Wuhan.

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Chinese homemade aircraft carrier’s catapult test runways unveiled

Recently a satellite picture prevails on internet in China, which was said to be “the third steam-driven catapult of Chinese homemade aircraft carrier”.

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Chinese senior colonel: China’s homemade aircraft carriers are designed to sink American carriers

Chinese military expert Yin Zhuo said in an interview with CCTV that China is developing homemade aircraft carriers for actual combats just like other countries in the world, and China will build catapult-assisted take-off carriers with large tonnages.

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China’s Type 002 homemade aircraft carrier to use electromagnetic launch and integrated electric propulsion

It was reported about two years ago that Chinese R&D team led by rear admiral Ma Weiming had successfully developed homemade technologies of electromagnetic launch and integrated electric propulsion, and China’s electromagnetic launch is even more advanced than America’s, as

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Chinese media: China’s homemade aircraft carrier’s progress in eight months equals India’s ten years

Chinese media quoted that Indian Chief of Naval Staff visited Indian Shipyard which is responsible for its Vikrant homemade aircraft carrier on Jan 16, after China’s Ministry of Defense confirmed its first homemade aircraft carrier. Recent photos show that Vikrant

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Chinese military expert: China’s gas turbine is 20 years behind the world advanced level

Located in Shanghai, Jiangnan shipyard is known to be one of the biggest shipyard in China, and the second homemade aircraft carrier of China is suspected to be built there.

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