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Chinese military analyst: J-20 is not necessary for an aircraft carrier, “Flying Sherman” is actually needed

With the internet exposure of under construction 001A-type aircraft carrier deck structure basically completed in Dalian, with regard to the future of China-made aircraft carrier guess the rise again, and J-20 fighter is no suspense once again become the number

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China’s state media: F-22 may have critical defects

China’s official media Xinhua News recently released a post written by military expert Chen Hu, who is chief editor of “World Military” journal sponsored by Xinhua’s PLA Bureau.

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Yin Zhuo: J-20 fighter’s electronic components better than F-22’s

In a recent interview of CCTV, when asked to compare J-20 with F-22 and T-50, Chinese famous military expert and rear admiral Yin Zhuo said J-20 is ahead of T-50 in progress and may be better than F-22 in some

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J-20 fighter uses “golden cockpit canopy” like F-22’s

Since J-20’s number 2017 fighter appeared, discussions about its “golden cockpit canopy” has been heated on Chinese internet. It is reported that U.S. fighters with “golden cockpit canopy” are never exported to any other countries, in its air forces in European

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Chinese military expert: Many Americans hope J-20 fighter to be successful

An anonymous Chinese military expert wrote an article saying that munitions merchants expect China’s J-20 stealth fighter to be powerful. He wrote that these American enterprises made all their efforts to win the bid of fifth generation fighter of the

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J-20 fighter’s avionics system is probably better than F-22’s

Qianzhan Website reported that the Tu-204 radar electronic testing aircraft used for testing of J-20 was equipped with little wings in the front.

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Chinese military expert: No fighter could escape from J-20 fighter with PL-13 missiles

People’s Daily Web reported that some overseas media said China is busy with testing the latest PL-13 air-to-air missile on J-20 stealth fighter, which would be a serious threat to America’s F-22 fighter.

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