Chinese military expert: J-16 is far better than Su-30 and F-15, J-20 will “kick the door”

Conception of J-16 heavy fighter dropping bombs

Conception of J-16 heavy fighter dropping bombs

As for the newly unveiled J-16 heavy fighter jet of China, Chinese military expert Hu Siyuan said in a recent interview that J-16 is a “third generation and half” fighter jet, and is far better than “three generation” fighters of Japan and Korea’s.

At present, heavy fighter jets around China include India’s Su-30 and Japan and Korean’s F-15, analysts said that J-16 not only is good at ground attack, but also puts emphasis on air control capacity, and surpasses similar fighters of surrounding countries in technology.

Japanese “Military Research” pointed out that in front of J-16 fighter with active phase array Radar and new air-to-air missiles, Japan’s weapons purchased from U.S. would have no advantage.

Hu Siyuan said compared to fighters of Japan and South Korea, China’s J-16 fighter jet has larger combat radius and automatic target-searching electromechanical devices; besides, with the help of Beidou Satellites, traditional “third generation” fighters of Japan and Korea’s are no match of J-16 fighter.

Analysts also said that J-16 fighter jet will be mainly used by Chinese naval air forces for awing enemy fleets, and J-20 stealth fighter will be responsible for “kicking the door”.

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