Official media unveils progress of J-20 fighter: WS-15 jet engine might be tested

J-20 stealth fighter

As one of the most important awards in China aviation field, China Aviation Society’s “Feng Ru Sci&Tech Elite Award” had its third batch of nominees and candidates unveiled recently, disclosing some new achievements of Chinese aviation.

Huang Weina was one of the candidates, her introduction involves R&D of a new-type aircraft engine, and batch production of an engine type, and outstanding contribution to important technologies for Chinese army. Huang is the chief designer of China gas turbine institute.

It is known that Chinese homemade J-20 stealth fighter is using an improved type of Russia’s AL-31F engine, which cannot really meet requirements of J-20 fighter; besides, 117S engine for Su-35 will not be able to enter China in near future; therefore, homemade WS-15 turbofan engine is the best choice for J-20 fighter. WS-15 jet engine is developed by China gas turbine institute.

And media had unveiled before that the first WS-15 jet engine had been tested in 2013. So Huang Weina’s WS-15 turbofan engine should have made very big process; otherwise, it wouldn’t be an evidence for nomination.

Analysts said if R&D of WS-15 turbofan engine were smooth, there would still be a long way to go before it is installed on J-20 fighter. However, if there aren’t any big hardships in the way of development, it is hopefully to be equipped to J-20 stealth fighter for flight test by 2020.

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