General Zhang Zhaozhong: Americans really believe there is Strategic Fooyou Agency

zhang zhaozhong

In a recent talk show of Phoenix TV, Rear Admiral Zhang Zhaozhong laughed at American believing that China really has a department called Strategic Fooyou Agency.

It has long been rumored that Zhang Zhaozhong is the leader of Strategic Fooyou Agency, which aims to cheat western opponents, especially USA, by releasing false information about China’s army and weapons. But General Zhang has been always denying the rumor.

Some American experts wrote articles about the Strategic Fooyou Agency, asking the authority to avoid believing lies of Chinese military officials like Zhang Zhaozhong, who often reveals information on sensitive high-end weapons of China.

Many of Zhang’s words were denied by facts later, such as soon after he claimed that there were no J-20 and J-16 fighters and DF-21D is not able to attack aircraft carriers, these weapons were verified.

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