China may import technology of Su-35’s TVC engine AL-41F1S (117S) for J-20

Xu Qiliang meets with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu

Russia recently unveiled that the agreement of selling 24 Su-35 fighters to China had been signed up. Meanwhile, Xu Qiliang, vice chairman of China’s Central Military Commission, was on a visit to Moscow.

Russian media reported that both China and Russia are interested in subsequent cooperation on fighter engine field. During his visit in Russia, Xu Qiliang visited Russia’s largest engine manufacturer and watched production of AL-31 engine, the factory’s leader said they will implement the agreement on exporting 117S engines for Su-35 to China.

Chinese military analysts think China may import technology of TVC engine AL-41F1S (117S), and may also buy this engine for J-20 stealth fighter.

Analysts said China still cannot produce TVC engine (thrust vectoring control engine) for J-20 fighter, but might had been started related R&D. And 117S engine may promote such research work.

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