Chinese Air Force finds the secret of aircrafts’ one minute slower in taking off

China's J-11 vs Thailand's JAS 39 Gripen in drill

China’s J-11 vs Thailand’s JAS 39 Gripen in drill

“Liberation Army Daily” reported recently that during a joint military exercise between Chinese Air Force and a foreign air force in an overseas place, Chinese pilots were very confused that China’s aircrafts were always one minute slower than foreign aircrafts in taking off, as the runway is the same and the aircrafts have similar performance.

After times of observation, contrast and analysis, the truth came out: Chinese fighter jets always take the outer lane in turning off, while foreign fighters always take the inner lane.

Chinese pilots felt wronged and shocked, as they were taught to turn off in that way, and thus took it as a standard. But such detail could determine success of failure of a war, and they were totally unaware of it.

The daily called on PLA to exercise like fighting a battle, and to fight a battle like exercising. Xi had required Chinese army to train under circumstances close to actual combats in 2013.

China and Thailand just held a joint air exercise at a Thai air base from November 12th to 30th. China sent J-11 fighters and Thailand used its latest version of JAS-39C/D Gripen fighters. China also sent J-10 Bayi (August 1) Aerobatics Team to the air base in Thailand.

China's and Thailand's air force officers

China’s and Thailand’s air force officers

J-10 taking off from the Thai air base

J-10 taking off from the Thai air base

Thailand's pilots before China's J-11 fighters

Thailand’s pilots before China’s J-11 fighters

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