Chinese Naval Commander views training of pilots on Liaoning Aircraft Carrier

Hangar of Liaoning Aircraft Carrier in training

Hangar of Liaoning Aircraft Carrier in training

Chinese PLA is now training new batches of carrier-based aircraft pilots, to prepare for homemade aircraft carriers. Xinhua news agency reported that Liaoning Aircraft Carrier carried out incorporating trainings in Bohai Sea last week. A new batch of J-15 fighter pilots performed various training items on the only aircraft carrier of China.

It is also reported that multiple batches of pilots have completed trainings for aircraft carrier this year and passed relative authentication.

In the Bohai training, Chinese Naval Commander and political commissar were both aboard Liaoning Aircraft Carrier, which carried at least six fully-mounted J-15 fighter jets with simulator PL-12 and PL-8 air-to-air missiles this time, the maximum number of fighter jets since its service.

J-15 entering hangar of Liaoning Aircraft Carrier

J-15 entering hangar of Liaoning Aircraft Carrier

Liberation Army Daily reported that fighting capacity of the carrier troops had made significant progress, and the onboard fighter jet number and launching efficiency have been increased.

It is also predicted that Liaoning Aircraft Carrier will enhance night trainings in 2016. And military experts in China said Liaoning Aircraft Carrier is now much closer to actual combat capacity, as it has got nearly enough pilots for all its fighter jets in combat.

J-15 fighter to be launched on Liaoning Aircraft Carrier

J-15 fighter to be launched on Liaoning Aircraft Carrier

Besides, apart from J-15, all the other types of carrier-based aircrafts are also being developed secretly.

Taiwan media reported that apart from the 001A (or 001B) aircraft carrier being built in Dalian, which should be launched in 2016, the third aircraft carrier of China which is nuclear-powered is also being constructed in Shanghai.

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