Yin Zhuo: J-20 fighter’s electronic components better than F-22’s

Yin Zhuo J-20 vs F-22

In a recent interview of CCTV, when asked to compare J-20 with F-22 and T-50, Chinese famous military expert and rear admiral Yin Zhuo said J-20 is ahead of T-50 in progress and may be better than F-22 in some aspects.

Yin Zhuo said J-20 fighter has let China enter the club of fifth-generation fighters. Compared to T-50 fighter of Russia, which suffers from shortage of capital and therefore sees postponed test flights and very limited purchase quantity, J-20 stealth fighter of China has seven to eight test aircrafts, which were used for tests of different fields and therefore the research period was shortened, this proves that China has abundant money for the project.

Yin Zhuo claimed that J-20 fighter has no gap of generation with America’s F-22 fighter, no matter in stealth performance, weapons, flight control or digitization. But as J-20 fighter is pretty new while F-22 has flied for 19 years, J-20’s technologies are not as mature as F-22’s.

However, Yin Zhuo said due to the advantages of backwardness, J-20 fighter’s electronic components should be better than F-22 fighter’s.

J-20 fighter's EODAS

J-20  distributed optical apertures

Other analysts had judged from J-20’s photos and concluded that it is using distributed optical apertures (EODAS), which are similar than F-35 fighters but have surpassed F-22 and T-50. Therefore, J-20 fighter is better than F-22 in aviation electronic system and better than F-35 in aircraft performance.

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