Two-seat Taihang-engine J-11 fighters take military exercises

Two-seat Taihang-engine J-11 fighters

The website of Chinese Ministry of Defense recently released a set of photos of two-seat Taihang-engine J-11 fighters, which are not often seen before.

The website reported that on March 10th, a regiment of South China Sea Fleet organized intensive flying exercises.

Single-pilot flying of freshmen, one-to-one air battles, low-attitude and extreme low-altitude tactical maneuvering, air-to-ground and air-to-sea attacks were carried out by nearly 30 sorties.

And after the flights, pilots studied the trainings by watch video playback and analyzing flight data, to summarize experiences and correct action deviations.

J-11 (1) J-11 (2) J-11 (3) J-11 4

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