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Military newspaper: some blue forces are just ornaments

Blue forces in PLA act as imaginary enemies in military exercises. In last year’s Zhurihe (Jurh) Exercise, the result of blue forces against red forces were six wins and one loss. Jurh is a famous exercise base in Inner Mongolia.

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Chinese marines wear blue battle fatigues in green vegetation

China marines’ fatigues are always a controversial topic. The blue and white digital camouflage is said to be good for island battles, but when marines go in trees and grasses, they become too conspicuous.

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Type 59 tanks used in drill of Beijing garrison troops

A Tank Squadron from Beijing garrison troops drilled recently, using Type 59 tanks, according to official report. Type 59 tank is now the oldest type of tank in Chinese army, but even the “Blue Army” uses it to counter the

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Chinese troops practise terminal sensitive projectiles

According to recent Chinese army’s report, the 42nd Army of Guangzhou Military Region used a new kind of shell to attack tanks from the top in drill, which has been identified as terminal sensitive projectile. It is known that China

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China sends J-10, JH-7 and KJ-200 for military exercise with Russia

In China and Russia’s joint military exercise of “Unified Air Defense”, China sent an air battle group consisted of two J-10 fighters, two JH-7 fighting bombers and one early warning aircraft – KJ-200.

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Report: J-10 cannot beat J-11 fighters without the help of ground missiles

Two recent reports from PLA’s official website and CCTV show that J-10 is no match for J-11 in air combats.

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