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Chinese military analyst: J-20 is not necessary for an aircraft carrier, “Flying Sherman” is actually needed

With the internet exposure of under construction 001A-type aircraft carrier deck structure basically completed in Dalian, with regard to the future of China-made aircraft carrier guess the rise again, and J-20 fighter is no suspense once again become the number

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China: J-31 fighter is using homemade advanced engines

One of China’s two stealth fighters – J-31 fighter had its model displayed at the Dubai Air Show on November 8th. Chinese personnel mainly introduced stealth performance of air-to-ground attack capability of J-31 fighters to overseas clients and media.

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Rumor: J-31 stealth fighter tested in Chengdu for two weak points

Recently, some netizens found China’s Shenyang J-31 stealth fighter appeared in Chengdu Aircraft Factory. It was never certified officially, but photos seem to be true, and Chinese military experts think China’s J-31 stealth fighter flied to Chengdu to solve two

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China’s J-31 stealth fighter: a supplement to J-20 against US F-22 and F-35 fighters

The 16th Beijing International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition was held from September 16th to 19th, and the large model of China’s J-31 “Gyrfalcon” stealth fighter was displayed, which is a fifth Generation Multi-Purpose Medium Fighter aiming at international market, a

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