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Broadcast footage of recent J-10 crash issued

China’s Central Television (CCTV) just released the video of recent J-10 crash. It had been confirmed that the cause of the crash was a mallard sucked into the engine of the J-10 fighter. As the plane was carrying nearly two

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J-10C with homemade engine conducts trial flight

Recently Chinese military fans took pictures of a J-10C fighter in trial flight. J-10C is an improved version based on J-10 fighter jet (NATO codename: Firefly), and is said to be positioned as a fighter bomber.

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Another J-10 fighter with AL-31FN engine crashes in Zhejiang

Chinese Navy spokesman unveiled on December 17th that a fighter of East China Sea Fleet crashes in Zhejiang province during a night drill of that day, and two pilots ejected safely. The crashed fighter jet has been judged a two-seat

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Another J-10 crash caused by engine problem reported officially

CCTV of China today reported a recent Chengdu J-10 crash, and praised its pilot’s determination to prevent hurting lives and fortune of the people.

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Report: J-10 cannot beat J-11 fighters without the help of ground missiles

Two recent reports from PLA’s official website and CCTV show that J-10 is no match for J-11 in air combats.

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Oil leaks found hours before maiden flight of J-10 fighter

It was reported by CANNEWS recently that about a dozen hours before the maiden flight of J-10 fighter jet, oil leaks were found. Young machinist Zhang Fenggui suddenly found three drops of oil when J-10 fighter’s engine was running for

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