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China’s Ministry of Defense confirms that a 50,000-ton homemade aircraft carrier is being built

On the last regular press conference of China’s Ministry of Defense this year, its spokesman Yang Yujun confirmed for the first time that China is building its second aircraft carrier, after Liaoning Aircraft Carrier.

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Chinese analyst: China may attack ISIS once its interests are hurt or seriously threatened

As China has just launched its new Anti-Terrorism Act, Chinese analyst He Liangliang said China would probably join into the actions against ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant).

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Chinese experts: Once Tsai Ing-wen elected in Taiwan, war might break out

Taiwan’s Democratic Progressive Party and Kuo Min Tang (KMT) are battling for next year’s Taiwan President Election. As the current leader of Taiwan Ma Ying-jeou takes a friendly and realistic approach towards mainland China, governments across the strait have been developing an increasingly

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Broadcast footage of recent J-10 crash issued

China’s Central Television (CCTV) just released the video of recent J-10 crash. It had been confirmed that the cause of the crash was a mallard sucked into the engine of the J-10 fighter. As the plane was carrying nearly two

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Chinese Air Force finds the secret of aircrafts’ one minute slower in taking off

“Liberation Army Daily” reported recently that during a joint military exercise between Chinese Air Force and a foreign air force in an overseas place, Chinese pilots were very confused that China’s aircrafts were always one minute slower than foreign aircrafts

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China’s Anti-Terrorism Act approved, PLA and national security will be able to attack terrorists at abroad

The Anti-Terrorism Act of China was approved by the National People’s Congress on December 27th, it is noticeable that according to the act, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army and Chinese Armed Police Force will be able to perform anti-terrorism tasks

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More photos of number 2101 production J-20 fighter leaked, might enter service soon

Following yesterday’s single photo of number 2101 J-20 fighter, more photos of the aircraft were leaked on the internet today, further confirming production J-20 stealth fighter of China. As J-20’s progress is far exceeding outside expectations, experts speculate this time

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Number 2101 J-20 fighter with yellow coating appears

Today a photo said to be production J-20 fighter appeared in social media of China, the photo was blurred except the number 2101 of the fighter. Many netizens doubt the authenticity of the photo, and some said it’s just Chengdu

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J-10C with homemade engine conducts trial flight

Recently Chinese military fans took pictures of a J-10C fighter in trial flight. J-10C is an improved version based on J-10 fighter jet (NATO codename: Firefly), and is said to be positioned as a fighter bomber.

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J-16 electronic warfare aircraft uses homemade engine, J-15S electronic type also being developed

The latest photo of J-16 electronic warfare aircraft indicates that China’s Shenyang Aircraft Institute is carrying out test flights of new-type J-16 electronic warfare aircraft.

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