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New photos of production J-20 No. 2101 fighter jet released

More photos of No. 2101 J-20 fighter jet were unveiled on the internet in China.

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New J-10B fighter equipped with gold tinted cockpit canopy

A new photo of J-10B fighter jet in test fight was unveiled on the internet in China. The photo shows that the new J-10B fighter flying in snow has grey coating, indicating it’s in service, and gold tinted cockpit canopy,

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Chinese senior colonel: China’s homemade aircraft carriers are designed to sink American carriers

Chinese military expert Yin Zhuo said in an interview with CCTV that China is developing homemade aircraft carriers for actual combats just like other countries in the world, and China will build catapult-assisted take-off carriers with large tonnages.

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Most Complete J-15 Fighter Training Process on Liaoning Aircraft Carrier Unveiled

A video of J-15 fighter training on China’s Liaoning Aircraft Carrier was unveiled today, which shows the whole process of J-15 fighter’s take-off from the carrier, from coming out hangar to flying over the sea.

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China’s Type 002 homemade aircraft carrier to use electromagnetic launch and integrated electric propulsion

It was reported about two years ago that Chinese R&D team led by rear admiral Ma Weiming had successfully developed homemade technologies of electromagnetic launch and integrated electric propulsion, and China’s electromagnetic launch is even more advanced than America’s, as

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Chinese military expert: Y-20 transport plane to enter service soon

New photos released on Chinese internet recently show that two new aircrafts of China’s first homemade large transport airplane Y-20 (numbered 785 and 788) had been manufactured, but there had been no authoritative information about them until today.

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Report: China to found aircraft engine group corporation to boost homemade engine R&D

Chinese media ThePaper quoted news from Bloomberg saying that China is to announce that an aircraft engine group corporation is to be founded, to integrate aircraft engine businesses.

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Chinese marine corps wear new desert battle fatigues in training in Xinjiang province

In a recent training performed in the beginning of 2016, Chinese marine corps wear new yellow desert battle fatigues, which are different from their traditional blue “ocean camouflage clothing”. The old blue fatigues have been laughed at as they are

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Chinese media: China’s homemade aircraft carrier’s progress in eight months equals India’s ten years

Chinese media quoted that Indian Chief of Naval Staff visited Indian Shipyard which is responsible for its Vikrant homemade aircraft carrier on Jan 16, after China’s Ministry of Defense confirmed its first homemade aircraft carrier. Recent photos show that Vikrant

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Yin Zhuo: J-20 fighter’s electronic components better than F-22’s

In a recent interview of CCTV, when asked to compare J-20 with F-22 and T-50, Chinese famous military expert and rear admiral Yin Zhuo said J-20 is ahead of T-50 in progress and may be better than F-22 in some

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