Broadcast footage of recent J-10 crash issued

J-10 crash footage 6

China’s Central Television (CCTV) just released the video of recent J-10 crash. It had been confirmed that the cause of the crash was a mallard sucked into the engine of the J-10 fighter.

As the plane was carrying nearly two tons of fuel oil and 200 shells and residential area was only about 100 meters away, the pilots made a series of efforts to prevent explosion after crash, and finally jumped at the height of 271 meters.

Bloodstains and soft tissues of the wild duck were found on blades of the air inlet.

J-10 crash footage 1 J-10 crash footage 2 J-10 crash footage 3 J-10 crash footage 4 J-10 crash footage 5 J-10 crash footage 7 J-10 crash footage 8 J-10 crash footage 9 J-10 crash footage 10

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