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What’s ahead for China military to be cut 300,000 people

On the 9/3 China military parade, Xi announced that 300,000 troops will be cut from the 2.3-million-people Chinese military. This is not the first time of Chinese army disarmament. In Mao, Deng, Jiang and Hu periods, Chinese army was cut

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China’s ZTZ-99A Tank broke down many times in parade rehearsals

ZTZ-99A Tank is China’s king of land battle, but according to 99A tank’s general designer Mao Ming, this Chinese type of main battle tank is not stable, with low reliability.

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SA2 76mm self propelled antiaircraft gun of China unveiled

A new type of self propelled antiaircraft gun from China is unveiled on the internet, this product seems to be exhibited for oversea sales, but it might also equip the PLA. The new type might indicate that China has successfully

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DF-26 can not only attack warships but also “shoot with no reliance”

Analysts in China said the recently unveiled DF-26 not only attacks warships, another key point is that it can be shot with no reliance, which increases its randomness, concealing capacity and motility, indicating that China’s navigation and guidance systems have

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J-11B uses homemade WS-10 engine on display

PLAAF (China Air Force) is showing its major fighters on its annual Chinese Air Force Festival in Changchun, most fighter types on the 9/3 V-Day Parade appeared, including J-11B, which uses homemade WS-10 engine, instead Russian AL-31F engine.

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One YJ-12 or YJ-100 missile could paralyze a 10,000-ton warship

Analyst in China says YJ-12 and YJ-100 have very powerful anti-ship cruise missile, about 400-500 kilograms, and one missile could paralyze a 10,000-ton warship.

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Expert: ZBD-04A better than BMP-3 and M2 Bradley IFV

Apart from ZTZ-99A Tank (Type 99), ZBD-04A Infantry fighting vehicle, an upgrade of ZBD-04, which was called ZBD-08 firstly on internet, was another powerful land weapon on the 9/3 Beijing V-Day Parade.

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