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Rumor: Chinese special forces destroy overseas training camps of terrorists

Recently a Chinese veteran named Brother Xiang said on Weibo that not long ago, Special Forces of China struck a training camp of terrorists located in a foreign country. According to the information, Chinese troops annihilated over forty terrorists by zero

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Chinese analyst: China may attack ISIS once its interests are hurt or seriously threatened

As China has just launched its new Anti-Terrorism Act, Chinese analyst He Liangliang said China would probably join into the actions against ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant).

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China’s Anti-Terrorism Act approved, PLA and national security will be able to attack terrorists at abroad

The Anti-Terrorism Act of China was approved by the National People’s Congress on December 27th, it is noticeable that according to the act, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army and Chinese Armed Police Force will be able to perform anti-terrorism tasks

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